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  • Katie Tejada

Must Have Supplies for Your Fabulous Fall Wedding

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Whether you are creating a rustic, mason jar and barn yard event, a classy vintage vineyard theme or a winter wonderland reception, there are 8 must have supplies that will ensure your fall occasion is everything that you planned (and dreamed of).

1. Blankets

Many choose to plan their weddings or other events for fall and have it outdoors due to the beautiful colors and cool breeze after a long summer. Even if you’re having your celebration indoors at a barn or another cozy setting, providing guests with toasty blankets can really make them feel at home. Choose fuzzy throw options or opt for fall colors and patterns that really fit your theme. These will keep everyone warm during an outdoor ceremony or all night at a holiday extravaganza. Take it a step further and get the blankets embroidered with the date of the event or couples’ names to offer as a practical and memorable party favor.

Blankets for fall wedding

2. Decorations, Napkins & Tabletop Decor

Decorations are one of the first things your guests will notice, from the matching tablecloths and napkins to the gorgeous centerpieces. When planning a fall event, it’s fun to incorporate the natural beauty of the season. In these cases, a pumpkin, cornucopia or fall flower (chrysanthemum, fountain grass, or heather, for example) centerpiece plus place cards are the perfect way to decorate your tables and further tie the outside elements onto the tables themselves, allowing your family and friends to have a multi-sensory experience.

Create your own garlands from grape vine using local resources and impress your guests with your creativity. You may also consider creating place cards and holders out of uncommon materials, such as pine cones or even yellow, orange, and red leaves.

fall wedding decor

3. Amazing Dinnerware

Choosing the right style of dinnerware is important since not only is it required for every event, it's an integral part of your tablescape + decor . Instead of buying or renting expensive chinaware that requires extensive cleanup, opt for a more durable, yet affordable & tasteful option. For example, there are biodegradable and disposable bamboo plates plus cutlery that offer the classic elegance and durability of wooden plates. Since these are made from plant based materials and are eco-friendly, they easily tie into a rustic, country, or vintage fall theme.

Fall wedding table scape

4. Local Cuisine

The meal is arguably the second most important aspect of any event or party. You should take time to get creative and discover what foods most inspire your taste buds, then share your favorite dishes with your attendees. If you’re not preparing the food yourself, try finding caterers who source ingredients locally. Choosing locally not only supports local farmers during harvest season but you can be rest assured menus will be centered around fall inspired dishes directly from farm to table. Moreover, having more organic, fresh options always results in better tasting food!

Fall Wedding menu food desert table

5. Fun Drinks

Cocktails and beverages should be the perfect accompaniment to your delicious dinners and snacks. Create a fun, amazing cocktail that caters to your fall event such as hot mulled wine. There are also a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages that will be a hit with the kids...think hot chocolate in mugs. For the older kiddos, create mocktails so they feel as cool as the adults like a spiced apple cider!

Serve these drinks in non-traditional glassware such as mason jars to add another unique detail and pair with fall color eco-friendly paper straws. Tie small labels around each jar using twine or ribbon and let guests personalize their jars with their names. Guests won't have to worry about leaving their drinks on the table to dance and this creates less waste.

Drinks signature cocktails fall wedding

6. Party Favors

Party favors are a great opportunity to say thank you to your guests and ensure that your event is long remembered. Create thank you cards and personalized home + hearth gifts such as homemade soaps + candies. Put together s'mores jars. These are great this time of year! Of course, if DIY isn’t in the books, fall themed bottle openers are always a nice touch.

mason jar rustic wedding

7. To Go Containers

There is not better way to let your guests take a piece of the event home with them than having to go containers for snacks or leftovers available. Not only will your guests be able to savor the food, but this also ensures less is thrown away. A single cupcake or some cake in a small, decorative box OR a gift box full of candy corn or other bite-sized candies can even double as a party favor! Alternatively, send your family and friends home with some coffee or warm cider for the road in disposable, insulated cups. This is especially great during these cooler months!

Chocolate fountain wedding

San Diego Wedding Videographer : Willmus Weddings

8. Cozy Outfit

After all that creating and decorating, don’t forget to dedicate some time to yourself! Give yourself a mini makeover and splurge a bit on a new look that is bound to impress. Whether you want a faux fur wrap or a dashing wool suit, you can use your creativity to express your fashion in a way that is representative of both your personality and your theme.

Creating a unique and memorable fall event is a complex and multifaceted process. However, with these essentials, you can be sure to create the perfect autumn gathering.

faux fur wrap fall wedding

San Diego Wedding Photographer : Willmus Weddings

Author Bio: Katie Tejada is a writer, editor and a fan of the eco-friendly. She is a former HR professional who, in addition to writing about the latest developments in business communication, recruiting, and CRM solutions, covers trends in event planning and weddings.

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