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Brewery Wedding Venues in San Diego for Your Ceremony & Reception

November 23, 2016


Want to get married in a brewery?  It doesn't get more San Diego than this!  Willmus Weddings can find the perfect booze-inspired affordable venue to host your wedding ceremony & reception so you can live "hopily" ever after 😂  


It doesn't stop there!  Create your own custom bride & groom brew. Use hops as a table runner. Heck! Throw those into the bouquet too! Use growlers as vases. Have a Beer Ceremony over Wine Ceremony. Do a Beer Toast instead of a Champagne Toast. Drink Beer Floats! Send each guest home with a custom beer glass. The craft brewery is your oyster!


TIP: If you are on a budget, ask about their weekday availability.  Most offer affordable wedding packages during the week that will reduce the cost 😁  Contact our San Diego Wedding Planner for more tips on Wedding Planning.



Here are our favorite San Diego breweries to get married to your beer loving sweetie. 



The Wood Shed by Booze Brothers

• Vista •

Maximum Guest Capacity: 120 seated



32 North Brewery Wedding

• Miramar •

Maximum Guest Capacity: 180 seated

photoGarrett Richardson



Stone Brewery Wedding

• Escondido • Liberty Station •

Maximum Guest Capacity: Escondido 150 seated • Liberty Station 300 seated

photo: Ernie + Fiona, Analisa Joy



Mission Brewery

• East Village •

Maximum Guest Capacity: 120 seated



Green Flash Brewing Company

• Sorrento Valley •

Maximum Guest Capacity: 80 seated



Karl Strauss Wedding

• Sorrento Mesa •

Maximum Guest Capacity: 300 seated 

photo: ABM Wedding Photography



Need more ideas for breweries (garden recommendations included!) to hold your ceremony & reception?  Leave it up to Willmus Weddings to plan your wedding according to your budget & style! 


Check out our Wedding Packages & reach out to us for a consultation. We can find the perfect venue according to your budget. We also offer Photography & Videography for your big day.


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