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Live Painter For Your Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

We can't think of a cooler way to relive your wedding...unless it's through Photo & Video of course! 😉. than having someone paint your ceremony & reception live! We had the honor of working next to Taylor of Live Wedding Art at Brittany & Austin's wedding in Emerald Bay Beach, Laguna, California.

Taylor, the live wedding painter, always arrives a few hours prior to ceremony to feel out his surroundings and get inspiration for his next masterpiece. While guests arrive, he begins painting the scene and the base layer. The bride & groom are added as soon as the ceremony starts. After the Mr. & Mrs. say "I DO!" he stays through the reception to continue developing, work on the finer details and bring the painting to life. He even encourages the bride & groom to get involved by having them put their own touches on the painting. The majority of the art piece is finished by the end of the wedding, but it is brought to his studio afterwards for framing and final touches.

Photos + Video are awesome obviously ;) but nothing compares to having the painting of your actual wedding day! He will turn your wedding or event into a living art piece and capture the beauty of your special day to cherish for generations to come.

During Brittany & Austin's reception, the bride & groom received so many compliments on how great it was to have Taylor painting live at the wedding. Taylor is incredibly talented, professional, funny, but also charming with guests.

Check out the live artist in action! Wedding painting photos & video below:

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