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COVID 19: How to Live-Stream Your Wedding To The Guests That Could Not Make It.

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The wedding industry in San Diego and all over the world has been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic that is currently ravaging the world. Some of the preventive measures such as social distancing and lockdown imposed by federal governments in so many nations have made it impossible for couples to hold their wedding with so many guests.

However, despite the pandemic, technology has made it possible for couples to hold their wedding and have their guests attend.

Already, there are so many top wedding live streaming platforms that make distance irrelevant on your big day. Most of these platforms allow you to live-stream your wedding to more than 50 guests at a time.

Top 5 wedding-live streaming platforms

  • Skype: An excellent way to allow your guests to witness your big day is by live-streaming your wedding through Skype. Skype allows your guests to get a feel of your big day while sitting in the comfort of their homes. In addition, your wedding videos can be saved for future use.

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  • Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts is another great way to make absent guests feel like they're right at the venue during your wedding. It allows you to live-stream your wedding for up ten guests at the same time. It is free to use, and the videos are automatically streamed to Youtube, where guests can have access to them at a later time. This implies that you can have your wedding videos saved to watch later in the future. In addition, with Google hangout, you can have your guests silently watch your wedding by having the audio put on mute or choose to let them discuss and connect with other guests.

  • Zoom: Zoom is a leader in modern enterprise video communication. It has an easy to use interface that allows people to make video calls, chat, and hold webinars. This is also a great platform to hold your wedding and have more than 100 attendees at the same time. Zoom also allows you to record your wedding details and watch in the future.

  • Facebook Live: This is an easy to use wedding live streaming platform that is totally free and comes at no extra cost. Guests are free to comment and react to your wedding while you have the right to choose who attends your big day and doesn't.

The Coronavirus pandemic has radically affected the wedding industry, but it is still possible to hold your big day and have your guest as attendees. Using these free to use apps, can help you live-stream your wedding and also have the videos recorded for future use. Although live streaming weddings require a lot of data, a better alternative is to consider connecting to Wi-Fi instead of using cellular data so your guests will have the best viewing experience. All you need to do is to have someone to sit in the front row with any mobile device (.e.g. laptop, iPad, tablet, or smartphone) that has a clear camera so guests can join the ceremony through the live stream. If you need help, our San Diego Videographer, can help you set up the equipment for you.

Whether you decide to get married or postpone your wedding, contact our San Diego Wedding Planner for tips and advice. Remember, love is not cancelled :)

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