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Rain On Your Wedding Day? Here's What To Do!

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

When you think of San Diego, naturally you think of blue skies and sunshine ☀️. While this is true many days of the year, winter and spring can bring in clouds, rain, and therefore a wet wedding day. IF there is a chance of rain on your big day, here are some ways to embrace the wet, the wind, and everything that comes with it.

Raining Day Wedding San Diego

First, do not rely on weather apps to predict what the day will be like. Weather is fickle and the forecast will most likely change many times before the big day. During wedding planning, be prepared for the worst (and the best 😃), be decisive, but don't stress! You can't control the weather, but you can use it to your advantage.

While the groom won't have to worry about his mascara running or his curls falling, brides will have these concerns. Using waterproof make-up and having your hair in an updo can prevent these issues by making sure everything stays in place. Also, consider your shoes for the day! Heels or sandals might be what you had your heart set on, but water can cause slippery surfaces and damp feet. Buying colorful rain boots for you and the bridal party will prevent falls and make a playful fashion statement!

There is no avoiding guests and wedding party getting a little damp, but there are ways to control how wet and comfortable people will be. Buy clear umbrellas for all your guests and wedding party. Clear umbrellas are great for the photographers because they won't block faces or cast any shadows. They also match with everything! If you want to incorporate the umbrellas into the decor, buy ones that accent your wedding colors to give an extra splash of color. Umbrellas can even act as your wedding favors for guests to take home. Take the extra step and provide towels for everyone to dry off with. Personalized towels can be a fun and practical wedding gift for your guests.

San Diego Wedding Photographer : Willmus Weddings

With rain also comes cold weather. To ensure you and your bridal party don't freeze your butts off, incorporate a nice wrap into your outfits. Don't forget to warn your guests before the day to dress appropriately. Offer blankets and set up heat lamps for extra warmth. Provide hot drinks such as coffee or hot chocolate to keep everyone warm and happy. Add a little rum or Baileys to the drinks if you really want your guests to forget the cold! 😉

Make sure your vendors are just as prepared for inclement weather! Get in touch with each to find out what their rain policies are and read the contracts carefully. Some musicians won't play in rain in order to protect their instruments. String musicians, for example, might not want to risk damaging their instruments. Double check that your caterer has a dry place inside to store food. Speak with each vendor beforehand and verify that they have Plan B's for all types of weather.

San Diego Wedding Videographer : Willmus Weddings

Confirm with your photographer that they can and will photograph in the rain. If your photographer has shot in the rain before, they can offer creative photo ideas. A unique wedding equals unique wedding photos. Take photos with umbrellas, splashing in puddles with rain boots or dancing in the rain!

Wedding Rain San Diego

Another important thing to keep in mind is your decor! Rainy weather usually comes with strong winds. Glass, paper, and other fragile materials do not hold up well against gusts of wind. Using sturdy decor, like metal or wood, will prevent items from moving around or breaking. If you want a romantic ambiance, instead of using wax candles, use battery operated LED candles and other lighting.

If your reception space is in indoors, one simple idea to avoid a wet ceremony is to move the ceremony into the reception space. This is cost effective and can usually be decided on the day of. If both spaces are outdoors, speak with the venue ahead of time to see if they have a back up plan in place. If they don't, have a tent rental company ready to go. Tents provide a protected space while still offering outdoor scenery. Companies like Platinum Event Rentals, Classic Party Rentals and Abbey Party Rentals offer tents in various sizes and shapes.

While you probably envisioned a beautiful, sunny day while planning your San Diego wedding, a rainy day can be just as beautiful, if you're prepared and don't let it dampen the mood.

Reach out to our Wedding Planning, Photography & Videography team in San Diego to plan & capture the wedding of your dreams, rain or shine! More info here.

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