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Tips On Postponing Your Wedding During Covid-19

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Disappointed brides and grooms all over the world are scrambling to figure out just how to manage wedding plans under COVID-19 conditions. Whether you have to move set plans or are in the process of booking a venue, it is important to stay calm. Pushing your wedding date back is a better idea than canceling entirely. Remember that the current state of the world is only temporary, and even though precautions will have to be taken for quite some time, conditions for large gatherings will eventually improve.

Why Postponing Is Better Than Cancelling?

Choosing to postpone your wedding versus cancelling entirely is definitely the best route to go so you are not faced with cancellation fees or forfeiting your initial payments completely. You also get to have your dream wedding! In current times, only outdoor ceremonies (no receptions) are allowed at 25% venue capacity or with less than 100 people. If you postpone, you will be able to have the wedding you actually planned for with a first dance, a toast, cake cutting and dancing...something that both you and your guests can look forward to! Deciding on a future date is also encouraging for you, your wedding party and your guests so they can travel when times are better and safer.

Mr and Mrs Willmus (photo by Max Holtzhouser)

Here's What To Do If You Have To Postpone Your Wedding

Just because your big celebration may need to be pushed back, it does not mean that your actual nuptials have to wait. Small civil ceremonies are on the rise, and in many cases, gorgeous outdoor photos & video can still be done at a safe distance.

If you decide to postpone your wedding and have already signed contracts with vendors be sure thoroughly review any agreements. If postponements or cancellation policies aren't mentioned, make sure to ask. Once you have a full understanding of your

contracts, reach out to your vendors as soon as possible to discuss future dates. Creating a spreadsheet of dates that align across all of your vendors is the best way to keep organized.

In the case certain vendors or the venue are unable to move your event, double check with your insurance provider to see what it covers.

Since many couples will be moving their dates, hot weekend dates are going to fill up

quickly which means you should prepare to be flexible on your future wedding date. With more people working from home, your guest’s availability may surprise you, and a date during the week might be more doable than you think.

Reaching out to your VIP guests before you have a new date nailed down is highly recommended. Simply let them know that your date has changed and that a special save the date will come their way soon. Once the date is officially changed, let members of your wedding party and family know as soon as possible so they can plan accordingly.

Once your event has been successfully moved, a customized save the date is a nice touch, from a fun video to a "love is not cancelled" photo to a small wedding favor attached to your updated invitations.


It is an immensely challenging time for both couples and vendors. It is absolutely essential to communicate and be patient with your wedding vendor team. Take the time to build rapport with your vendors and learn about the new guidelines that they may be subject to. Ask questions about any safety measures that must be put into place, cleaning procedures and any staff policies that they must enforce. The disappearance of an entire wedding season has impacted vendors, and chances are that they will do their best to work with you and keep your business.

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