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Vineyards and Winery Weddings in San Diego County, A Magical Setting for your Big Day.

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Planning a wedding is not easy, there is so much to look into and every little detail counts. Without a doubt, the most important thing about a wedding in San Diego is the venue. Picking the right venue with your wedding planner and you are off to a great start! While you can find many vineyards and winery weddings in Temecula. Did you know that San Diego had some hidden gems too?

Vineyard Wedding San Diego

If you’re getting married soon then you are probably worried about which venue to pick. Why not go for a vineyard in San Diego? There are plenty of exceptional and breathtaking wineries in San Diego that hold the perfect setting to have a memorable wedding. Vineyards are totally romantic and dreamy and there are so many desirable facilities.

Winery Wedding San Diego

The number one reason for having a vineyard wedding in San Diego is the fact that the scenery is out of this world. Lot’s of hills, gardens and grape vines; can you image how beautiful the photos will turn out? The atmosphere is so relaxed yet elegant; isn’t that what all brides are looking for? Plus, you don’t have to take the wedding party to a different location for the reception since there is plenty of room at vineyards to hold both the ceremony and reception. Rest assure, there are going to be plenty of locations to have a couple photoshoot with natural light flowing from all around. Vineyards also offer both indoor and outdoor options. You can host the ceremony indoors and switch things up by having the reception outside or vice versa. It also serves as a backup in case of rain or other weather issues. You can just shift things inside without your big day getting ruined!

Wedding Videographer at Vineyards in San Diego

Our Wedding Videographer in action at Willmus Weddings

Orfila Vineyards and Winery in Escondido is a splendid winery in San Diego and is well known for being an amazing venue for weddings. They are one of the best vineyards in San Diego, so you better expect your wedding to be something worth remembering. They have a whole team who will help you out throughout the entire process so that your big day goes as seamless as possible.

Orfila Vineyards and Winery Wedding Escondido

Willmus Weddings at Orfila Winery

Another great vineyard in San Diego is Bernardo Winery in Rancho Bernardo. It has been a special place for numerous new beginnings, so why not start yours there too? There are a lot of locations for photoshoots, so you can expect some romantic, intimate and exceptional wedding photography.

Milagro Winery weddings

Willmus Weddings at Milagro Winery

A great advantage of having a vineyard wedding is that the bar will be top notch. Your guests will be treated with an impressive wine list that will make sure they leave happy and even a little bit buzzed. You can even be a little extra and go for a wine tasting for guests as one of the wedding activities.

Getting married at a vineyard in San Diego is a great idea, something all brides should consider. There are so many benefits to it, so why not?

Contact our San Diego Wedding Planners at Willmus Weddings for the list of all the Vineyards and Wineries in San Diego, Temecula and beyond.

Winery Weddings Temecula

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