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Wedding Invitation Etiquette You Need To Know

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Almost done planning your wedding? Once you have decided on the date, venue and guests, the next thing is to send invitations. But before you send the invitations out, you might want to learn the traditional etiquette around them.

So, here are five wedding invitation etiquette tips to help you get it right.

Whose name goes first on wedding invitation?

Always remember to put the bride's name first before the name of the groom. If the bride’s parents are hosting, then only her first name and middle name are needed on the invitation. This is because her parents already share her last name, so adding it again will be repetitive.

If the couple are hosting the wedding by themselves, then formal titles are not necessary. For example, rather than Miss Sophia Alice Smith and Mr Alexander Peter Bloggs, it can just be Sophia Alice Smith and Alexander Peter Bloggs.

Should you put gift registry information on the invitations?

When you send out your wedding invitations, it is traditionally considered bad manners to include gift registry details. Instead, some argue that gift registry information should go on your wedding website instead.

If you do this, make sure you add in the information about your wedding website further down your invitation – but don’t mention anything about gifts. However, you can inform your guests that they can visit your website for fun facts about the couple, venue information, and nearby hotels.

More modern-minded couples may decide, however, that it’s best to include gift registry details on the invitations after all – as this is arguably more convenient for guests. Where you stand on this issue will come down to personal preference!

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Get your request lines right

Your request lines are where you ask for the presence of your guests. The keywords used depend on where you will be exchanging vows.

· We request the honor of your presence: used when vows will be exchanged in a church or place of worship.

· We request the presence of your company: used when the ceremony is going to take place outside a place of worship.

Here are some other request lines you can use if you are not getting married in a place of worship:

· You are invited to attend

· Please join us as we celebrate

· [Your names] invite you to celebrate with them

Leave clear instructions

On the envelope and the invitation, make sure you clarify whether you want to invite a whole family or just the parents without their children in tow. For example, if you’re inviting the parents alone, don’t mention ‘family’, just address it to ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’. Then, go a step further and clarify that you are only inviting two people from that family. It might be awkward to do so, but if you have a limited number of guests it may be necessary! Your guests will appreciate the clarity.

The next point goes without saying but should still be mentioned: ensure that you include the correct date, time, and venue information on your invitation!

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Send out invitations at least six weeks before the wedding

Your wedding invitation needs to be sent out at least six to eight weeks before your wedding. Before this, you would have sent out a save the date note. Give your guests clear instructions to RSVP at least three weeks before the wedding, so that you have time to make changes if you need to.

If you are having a destination wedding, give your guests enough time by sending out your invitation at least twelve weeks before the wedding.

Wedding etiquette can seem like a bit of a minefield sometimes, but remember: it’s up to you how much of it you follow. The day is yours, so in the end you should do whatever pleases you and your partner.

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