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2020 Wedding Trends for Soon-to-Marry Couples

Updated: Feb 8

There’s no wrong time to get married, especially for couples in love, and that is why wedding trends are always evolving to suit the changing of times. Except, of course, for the classic styles and symbols that are associated with nuptials. For example, you can never go wrong with a white dress or tux, which is why those symbolic things never go out of style.

If you want to go for trendy styles, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Making your special day unique is a breath of fresh air from the traditional. Here are some wedding trends to look out for in 2020 if you’re looking for ideas.

Impressive Wedding Cake Display

Wedding Cake

Couples are slowly coming back to statement wedding cakes instead of the simple, minimalistic ones that were considered trendy in the past few years. An impressive wedding cake is back to being the central focus of the reception and decors. Sparsely decorated cakes will take a back seat as couples go for bold-looking ones that will be eye-catching and tastefully done in colors.

Goodbye, Florals

Say hello to nontraditional floral components for your San Diego wedding. Instead of the usual flower bouquets, boutonnières, and decors, it is now considered trendy to go for alternatives like grasses, fruits, and vegetables. Apart from the plants, couples are opting for chic lanterns, silk flowers, ribbons, paper, and even shells for your wedding in San Diego.

Squashing Gender Stereotypes

Wedding Party

San Diego Wedding Photography : Willmus Weddings

It is ideal for everyone to get along regardless of gender. It’s almost 2020, and people are more accepting of everyone without bias to race or sex. Couples are squashing gender stereotypes by letting their dearest friends be by their side during one of the most important events of their lives. Couples can get bridesmen and groomswomen.

In this age of acceptance, it only becomes natural to blur traditional wedding roles. What’s more important is being surrounded by friends who are there for the couple through thick and thin regardless of what sex they were born in. Couples often give their friends the freedom to choose what to wear as well.

Eco-Friendly Sourcing

As everyone becomes more and more aware of the amount of trash produced every day and how much carbon footprint a single person expels daily, eco-friendly sourcing has become a trend. That is, couples are opting for less wasteful and mindful options such as ethically sourcing products and materials to be used for the wedding. Instead of wasteful packaging for giveaways, glass alternatives or multipurpose ones are being used.

More Choices for Engagement Rings

When it is time to propose in San Diego, not everyone likes diamonds and the alternatives for the once-most-coveted stone are plenty. Diamonds are beautiful and durable, but they can be pretty pricey, and not everyone can afford them. Couples have become creative with both their engagement and wedding rings as people opt for sentimentality and practicality rather than value.

Simple Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress styles and cuts are becoming simpler in 2020, thanks to the influence of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. People were inspired and impressed by the classic wedding dress she wore during her wedding last year. The popular strapless style is being replaced by long-sleeved gowns, and others opt to add pockets as well.

Darker Color Palette

San Diego Wedding

San Diego Wedding Planner & Photographer : Willmus Weddings

Instead of the usual pastels and brighter colors, the color palette for this year’s weddings will be darker and bolder. Traditionally, shades like gray and black are forbidden because they are believed to harbor bad luck and curses or are generally associated with anything evil.

While some people still believe it to be so, more couples are embracing darker colors for the cooler and elegant vibes they bring. For those who cannot completely go for the darkest black, other color alternatives such as deep blue or dramatic plum are great.

Gratitude Never Goes Out of Style

While wedding trends always come and go, the love and gratitude for your family and closest friends never go away. It is always a great gesture on your part to give them a little thank-you for them, like small gifts and mementos just for groomsmen and bridesmaids and everyone in between. If you want to make the gifts extra special, you can customize them however you see fit.

What 2020 wedding trends do you think we’ll see? Share your predictions below. Contact your San Diego Wedding Planner for more info.

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Oct 28, 2020

Great ideas! I've seen people trying out different themes wedding like Moroccan theme which i find interesting and fun. I'm planning to try out this and i think darker color outfits will go best with this. I'm planning to hire Lily Hayes for the photography.


Jul 07, 2020

Helpfully, the biggest wedding trend for 2020 is individuality. The industry is evolving, which thankfully means brides are no longer pigeon-holed in either the 'traditional' or 'boho' category. Plus, guests no longer endure a summer of déjà vu at a series of identikit weddings. Colour is the new neutral, mismatched bridesmaid dresses like ( ) are the new standard, dried flowers are the new speciality bloom, and sustainable practices are the new expectation.

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