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Essential Accessories for Bridesmaids to Make Best Friends Shine

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Best friends will always look out for each other, and brides are no different. Like any good gal pal, the bride will make sure that her bridesmaids will look gorgeous on her wedding day.

There are many ways to show off your bridesmaids besides their dresses. Accessories such as belts, jewelry, and shoes can make a difference in the look of a dress. More importantly, accessories help to balance out any one part of the outfit that is more dramatic than another. Bridesmaids’ accessories are those that can work either to enhance understated or ornate outfits.

Satin Robes

Satin robes are perfect to wear while preparing for the wedding. Brides often wear these satin robes on their wedding day. In many wedding events, it’s a tradition for brides to prepare for the ceremony with their bridal party. Photoshoots with the bridesmaids during the preparation stage are also a common thing. Instead of letting your bridesmaids wear mismatching outfits or pajamas, get them their own luxurious satin robes so you can all look great together in the photos. Satin robes also make perfect wedding favors for your bridesmaids.

Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are always a fun accessory to wear at weddings. A flower crown is a one-piece headdress that typically has flowers or ribbons woven throughout with makeup and other decorations attached to it. Flower crowns can be made from many different materials, including silk flowers, dried flowers, feathers, tulle, or netting. These accessories are perfect for the bridal party on the big day!

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are great for weddings! Whether you have short or long hair, a fabulous selection of hair accessories will add to the overall look. Hairpins, headpieces, and barrettes are fantastic accessories to wear for a formal event. Different hair accessories allow bridesmaids to accomplish different looks and styles without trying to make up an entire ensemble for themselves!

Photography : Willmus Weddings - Hairpiece: Savvi Jewels


Jewelry is the perfect accessory for any formal event. Bridesmaids can wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches to help complete their looks for the wedding. You can get matching pieces for your bridesmaids if that’s within your budget; otherwise, let them use their own accessories that complement their dress. You don’t want the jewelry to overpower their outfits, but you also want it to add a bit of detail, so your best friends can look elegant and sophisticated on your special day!


Bags or purses are another excellent accessory for weddings. From small clutches to large totes, purses are an important part of any formal outfit. Brides tend to carry a purse that matches their wedding gown or shoes. Bridesmaids can pull together any outfit with the help of a purse!


Shoes can make or break a look! Help your bridesmaids choose the right shoes for their dresses by looking for a shoe style that is simple yet sexy. Shoes are an easy accessory to match and don’t have to be the same as the dress. Bridesmaids can choose a neutral pair of shoes that can go under a variety of different dresses. Bridesmaids can wear heels with their dresses. They can also flats or tennis shoes if they fit the wedding theme.

Personal Style

Bridesmaids that have a unique style can pull their own look together. They can add accessories that complement their personal style, whether it’s a favorite flower or funky sunglasses! Bridesmaids can mix accessories with their own gowns, favoring things that match each dress. However, bridesmaids must remember that if their dresses are similar styles and colors, they should still coordinate with the wedding color palette!

Mismatched Accessories

Matching accessories are fun, but mismatched accessories are even better! Bridesmaids can pull out their favorite pieces of jewelry, shoes, or purses to complete their look. Just remember that you don’t want everyone in your bridal party to have completely different accessories. If you have the opportunity, pull all of the mismatched accessories from your closet and see what works best for your wedding!

Final Thoughts

Accessorizing your bridesmaids is one of the most fun parts of planning your wedding. You get to make your best friends look beautiful and shine on your special day. It’s one of the greatest pleasures a bride can have.

For bridesmaids, avoid going overboard with your accessories at the wedding! Be careful not to put on so much that the focus is no longer on the bride. Don’t wear over-the-top accessories from your own jewelry box or pieces that are too large for your body.

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
02 mei 2023

Good clothes. Modern weddings are getting more and more conservative. For example, Jordan sneakers are used instead of traditional shoes. It's incredible how times change.

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