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Giving Thanks: What We Are Loving For Your Wedding Party!

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

While the wedding day is all about the bride and groom, let's not forget about the people who helped get them ready to walk down the aisle. Wedding guests have the pleasure of receiving an invitation and relaxing on a beautiful day celebrating love. That’s the easiest job of all! 😊 The men and women standing alongside the Mr. & Mrs. as they say ‘I Do’ are the ones who help keep the bride & groom together. They assist in picking out venues, finalizing invitations and going over color schemes. Being in the Wedding Party is often a big responsibility, but they do it because they love you! They take honor in making your day as close to perfection as possible.

Being in a wedding is truly a selfless act. So as the bride and groom, you should consider gifting each member of your bridal party something to say thank you. Here are a few ideas to get your gears turning:

For The Full Wedding Party

○ Nothing says thank you like an opportunity to take the edge off. While it’s not their wedding, believe it or's a long day for the men and women by your side as well. After a full, beautiful day of socializing, formalities, dancing and merriment, what better way to relax than gifting everyone their favorite drink. It will help everyone wind down while they kick off their shoes and have some quiet time.

San Diego Photographer: Willmus Weddings

○ This idea is surprisingly practical and can serve as a great photo opportunity. Get your guys and girls their own custom tumblers to use the day of the wedding. This can further differentiate them as a part of your big day. It can also eliminate the unforeseen stress during the getting wedding process. Having designated cups (with lids) can aid in organization as well as avoid any accidental spills.

San Diego Photography: Willmus Weddings

○ What could be better than gifting something that can be used long term? Not only do sunglasses make a great accessory for the fun part of wedding day pictures, but they serve as a great memento. Think about it: every time your bridesmaids and groomsmen reach for their sunglasses, they’re likely to be reminded of your special day.

For the Groomsmen

○ Shot glasses make for a fun present. Not only can you use it the day of the wedding, but it can commemorate a lot of occasions for years to come! You can customize each with their initial, names or even the date of your wedding.

○ Who says guys don’t have accessories? Another smart and long lasting gift idea is to buy your groomsmen their own leather toiletry bag. Not only can they come prepared for last minute wedding prep, but it can become a trusted “must have” for travels and trips alike.

○ It’s been said that guys have it easy the day of the wedding. They don’t really have to worry about what they’re doing with their hair or what type of makeup look will compliment their facial features. They essentially slap on a tux and are good to go. While this may be true, why not kick it up a notch by giving your groomsmen something with unique style or flair. Gifting an awesome pair of socks is sure to give your guys a little something to complete their look.

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For the Bridesmaids

○ Along the same lines as shot glasses, gifting your girls wine glasses gives them an opportunity to use your gift time and time again. Don't forget to take the iconic photo of you and your girls toasting in your cute robes. Bonus: your girls won't have any trouble finding their glasses at the wedding once the wine kicks in! 😉

○ Can any girl have enough cute bags to store make-up and trinkets alike? Make it more personal by getting a custom monogram! Not only can it hold essentials for the wedding day, but your bridesmaids can continue to use it well after your day is over. Whether its for everyday use or just for travel; a makeup bag is a practical and cute gift that is sure to be convenient for all.

○ We all know that getting ready the morning of the wedding is a big deal. There are lots of moving parts that go into making sure the bride and bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done in a timely fashion. Gifting everyone silk robes can ensure that what they’re wearing is functional and won’t mess up their final looks when it comes to putting on their dresses! Plus, it looks great in photos!

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Need additional gifting tips on your big day? Willmus Weddings offers Wedding Coordination and Planning services for your wedding in San Diego. Reach out to us for a complimentary consultation.

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