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8 Fashion Tips for Groom & Groomsmen

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

If you want to strut your stuff down the aisle and on the dancefloor, you have come to the right place. On your wedding day, both the groom and your gang need to scrub up like they have never scrubbed before. 

From flashy three-piece suits to terrific tuxedos, there is a way to look on this momentous occasion. Under play it and you will look too casual. Over play it and you will resemble The Penguin from Batman. Holy smokes Robin!

If you want to look catwalk ready for this grandiose occasion, check out our hottest groom and groomsmen fashion tips.

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1. Haircut

One of the top priorities you should prioritize right now is having a trim. There is no better feeling than walking in with your crew feeling fly. 

Whether you like a fade or a troubadour style, it’s imperative you have a snip which will ensure you look and feel good. We are not saying visit a barber the day before. However, make sure you go at least two weeks beforehand to let your hair grow so it’s ready to go.

Looking for a trendy hairstyle to impress the bride and guests? You can find numerous tips here to create the ultimate look.

2. P is for Personalization

For grooms, if you want to make your wedding an unforgettable day then why not get some groomsmen gifts that shows them how much you value their friendship.

There are a myriad of ways to go about this. From collar stays to tie clips and even custom belts, choose from a host of accessories they can wear. Better still, custom presents will not only make the ideal fashion gift but ones that will add value to anyone’s wardrobe. 

Make your buddies shed a happy tear and find a little inspiration here and here or go to a specialized shop to like this to find stuff for groomsmen.

It's all about the details! *Brewery themed wedding

3. Shoes

If you want to look hot to trot like a fast paced horse at the Kentucky Derby, it’s essential both groom and groomsmen invest in a pair of shiny shoes. 

After all, you’ll need something effortlessly chic whilst being comfortable enough to dance the night away. 

Of course, being distinctive is the order of the day. If Italian is your thing or you cannot decide between brogue, Oxford or casual loafer, there are hundreds of articles such as this offering guidance.

4. Glasses

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you or your gang have a penchant for groovy glasses then share his vision (pardon the pun) with them on the happy day. 

Choosing the correct rims not to mention lenses is just as important when it comes to the celebrations. You don’t want to look out of place like Napoleon Dynamite!

Whether you require sunnies or specs, it is crucial to have a pair handy or in your back pocket for that fashion factor. 

5. Pocket Square

In order to make an impact on the wedding day, how about going for a pocket square statement? As they say, less is more certainly more in this case. 

Make it stand out with a traditional grey or black suit or go for something more outlandish, there are no rules. You set them.

From pastels to vibrant greens or blues, you can find some interesting advice here on what to consider when selecting the ideal pocket square. 

6. Custom Shirt

One of the most important pieces of apparel you will wear on the wedding day is a shirt. However, why not take this standard piece of fashion to even greater heights?

Elevate your appearance and opt for a dress shirt. No matter what color suits you don, this will enhance the style whilst adding a certain uniqueness that will not go amiss. 

Visit a custom shirt site such as this where tailor make your dream piece or enjoy some top wedding shirt related tips here

7. Socks

For utter dapperness, both groom and groomsmen can partake in wearing identical socks. It would naturally provide the perfect photo op whilst adding a touch of fun to proceedings. 

In addition, they will make a long lasting impression and can be used again and again. Want to show a bit of leg (and cotton) across social media? 

Explore articles like this which offer hints and tips about finding the right type of socks.

8. All in a Tie

From the sublime to the ridiculous. No, don’t get yourself tied in knots just yet. A neck or bow tie is the ideal fashion accessory to help you achieve the fashion pinnacle. 

Reach the wedding zenith with gusto thanks to a practical yet sophisticated tie. 

Suitable for all year round wear, match darker colors for fall or winter weddings and brighter colors for summer affairs. 

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