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Planning Your Backyard Wedding in San Diego

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Lately in San Diego, more and more couples are opting for small, intimate at-home celebrations, with only their closest family and friends attending rather than hosting a huge wedding at a luxury venue like the L'Auberge Del Mar. Some are even choosing elopement, forgoing formal wedding celebrations, and choosing to get married without telling anyone. Upon the arrival of COVID-19 into our lives, this type of celebration will probably be the new normal for quite some time in California.

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At-home backyard weddings can be beautiful and comfortable. With a backyard wedding, you make the decisions. There are no rules or strict hours. It's just you, your guests, and the fresh air. But because a backyard wedding is more free-form, there are also planning steps unique to this type of celebration. You have to consider space, lighting, dinner preparation, etc. But the economic advantages of having a wedding at home are enormous.

  1. Social distancing and cleaning

At-home weddings have become a great alternative since it allows for a more intimate, social-distanced celebration. Plus, it’s an excellent option for couples that prefer to spend on their honeymoon, home, or are merely looking for a budget-friendly wedding.

Some things to consider are the number of guests. Micro weddings are usually no more than 50 guests. Avoid large crowds and try to keep it as intimate as possible.

We recommend you set up a cleaning and disinfecting station at the entrance and throughout your house and backyard for all of your guests to use. Gloves, antibacterial gel, disinfecting wipes, face masks, and social distancing are some things that shouldn’t go missing. It is essential to consult and be mindful of specific measures issued by your local and state government for celebrations and social events.

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2. Choosing the perfect day

A garden wedding looks magnificent when the sun and a clear sky accompany your guests. But you also don’t want your guests sweating. We recommend outdoor backyard weddings to be celebrated during the springtime. It all depends on where you live and your area's weather conditions; look for mild weather.

Saturday’s are the most popular day for weddings since it allows guests to organize their attendance better and avoid taking days off from work. Choosing a date that’s personal to the couple makes the day even more special and meaningful. You can also opt for holidays, just make sure it doesn’t overshadow your special day and keep in mind it could cause higher costs.

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3. Flowers!

When having a wedding in a garden or your backyard, nature is a very important element. Bright or pastel-colored flowers, trees, and all kinds of plants and foliage are essential in the decoration.

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4. Decor

Rustic and vintage themes are well suited to backyard wedding décor, especially if you really take advantage of flowers and foliage. Help yourself to rustic copper or gold furniture. Make sure to include a dancing area or a dance floor and surround it with the seating areas. Set up tables with different seating arrangements, combine chairs and armchairs to evoke the vintage style, or select exposed wood chairs for a more rustic look. The style will be based on how luxurious or simple you want your wedding to look.

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5. Lighting

One of the best perks of an outdoor wedding is natural lighting! It will add a different touch to your daytime photo shoots, and all your guests selfies. It also allows for great ideas for the night, which adds to the stars’ light and the moon. You can create an enviable and very photogenic atmosphere!

Wrap string lights around the trunk of trees, use shrubs lights and pathway lights. Hang paper lanterns from trees or use them to illuminate pathways. You can also decorate with light arches, and XXL illuminated letters.

Our favorite garden lighting element is candles! Not only are they inexpensive, they help create a wonderful atmosphere and make for beautiful pictures. Use them as centerpieces for all your tables. If you happen to have a pool or fountain in your backyard, use them as floating candles, along with flowers, for a unique touch.

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6. Catering

One of the most significant advantages of having your wedding at home is having complete control over the food. We recommend hiring a catering service, that is, people in charge of food, snacks, and drinks, to serve your family and friends. For a budget-friendly and recently trendy option, you can hire a food truck to station in your backyard or garage for guests to walk up to and order. Another very practical option is a buffet-style banquet, with food and drink stalls.

For weddings with a bohemian style, miniature sandwiches, food stations, as well as craft beer and sweet liqueur, create a wonderful combination. You can opt for fresh and colorful canapes or salads with exotic fruits. If you go the food truck route, don’t be afraid to serve your favorite comfort foods such as tacos, pizzas, and burgers. We promise your guests will love!

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Time to get to work!

If you don't have it at home, everything you need can be rented at very budget-friendly prices. Or if you are skilled, you can always go for a DIY wedding. Don't leave preparation to the last minute. Surely you and your partner will be very happy to celebrate your wedding close to loved ones, in the most comfortable and welcoming place: your home!

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