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Check Out These Wedding Savings Tips

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Is your big day just around the corner? Are you worried that you won't stick to your budget? Don't panic! Willmus Weddings has a few tips to share on how to save money on your special day.

wedding planning san diego

San Diego Wedding Photography : Willmus Weddings

1. Shop smarter

There’s no excuse for not finding deals during wedding planning! Many wedding dress designers allow you to sign up for exclusive deals and updates. You’ll be first to know about their sample sales, trunk shows and you might even get a few discounts in your inbox too!

For the men in your life, Willmus Weddings has teamed up with Knotty Tie and The Black Tux for exclusive discounts on tuxedo rentals. Check out our blog post on Where To Buy Or Rent A Suit For Your Wedding In San Diego.

You can also find sales on wedding favors, bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts and more if you just search for it! Download an app like Cently which makes it easy to find coupons for wedding shopping.

Groomsmen gifs ideas

Ties for Groomsmen

2. Do-It-Yourself

Your wedding party might be more talented than you anticipated! Be sure to tap into their talents and see if they could help by throwing a DIY party. Create small floral arrangements to sprinkle throughout Cocktail Hour + Reception. Buy flowers that are in season, get your materials together and get to work! Have images on hand so that everyone knows what the arrangement should look like. Create your Wedding Favors and have an assembly line of materials ready to put together. Think s'mores ready to toast or succulents in cute little pots.

You can also utilize your friends talents for the ceremony as well! If you have a friend or family member that is an awesome photographer, DJ, makeup artist, caterer, etc. consider asking them to offer their services at a discounted rate. They may even offer it as a wedding present! Make sure you get familiar with their work before hiring them and that they're up for the task.

San Diego Wedding Planner

San Diego Wedding Planner : Willmus Weddings

3. Register for Cash & Honeymoon Funds

With the increase of modern weddings, trends and tools, more couples nowadays are signing up for honeymoon fund sites over the traditional, tangible gifts. This is a great way for you to save money on wedding expenses and your honeymoon.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable asking for money, but don't sweat! Nowadays, with the help of honeymoon registry sites like Honeyfund, Zola and Tendr, couples can register for funds without the fear of looking tacky. When you set up your site, be sure to include what it is for: "to start a family,” “to go somewhere awesome for our honeymoon,” or even specific vendors like DJ or your dream photographer. This way, your guests will know where their contribution is going and feel like they’re giving a tangible gift.

Groom accessories ideas wedding

Groom accessories

Reach out to us for exclusive deals and coupons codes. If you are looking for a wedding planner to keep everything in check during your big day, consider Willmus Weddings to help you with the small details you might have forgotten.

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