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What To Wear During An Engagement Photoshoot

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Want a surefire way to know whether a potential Photographer is the "one?" Need to practice getting comfy in the front of the camera before your big day? We encourage all of our couples to set up an engagement photoshoot so we can get to know each other and you can get familiar with the camera. Ending each shoot with a beer at a local brewery is not uncommon! 😬

san diego engagement before wedding

Engagement Photos are perfect for your Save The Date or to dress up your accent tables at the wedding (welcome table, gift table, etc...)

A great Wedding Planner should always give advice on what to wear during the engagement session! Here are some words of wisdom from yours truly:

- Try to coordinate with your fiance(e). Your photographer doesn't need matchy matchy outfits, but subtle color coordination. While you don't want to look like twinsies, you do not want the photo to feel uneven. It will be easier to find light that flatters both of you, if you are wearing the same color family.

- Your engagement photoshoot should be a reflection of who you are. If you and your fiance are outdoorsy, express that side of you by wearing comfy clothes that are just slightly coordinated.

- Why not throw in a stand out item too! With a simple background and a bright pair of heels (+ a pose to show them off, of course!), that always brings a nice touch to photos.

- We encourage standout jewelry too if you feel so inclined! A beautiful necklace or cute earrings will definitely add an exciting element to the close up shots.

- Showcase Awesome Details. Remember that a shot from behind can be just as beautiful as one from the front...when you have details to show off. We're suckers for gorgeous back details on dresses! 😁

- Get all dolled up (and have a date night right after!) and show off your best. A beautiful cocktail dress is going to look even better next to his dapper suit: a stunning blazer paired with a cute bow-tie!

In the end, it is all about you! These are just guidelines & advice to have a memorable shoot from a San Diego Wedding Photographer's perspective.

When you book our Full Service Wedding Planning Package, these are just some of the tips we will give you when you are choosing your Photographer and booking your engagement session. It's important that you connect with his/her style.

Contact us for more information about our Wedding Packages. We also offer Day of Coordination & Videography in San Diego.


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Aug 04, 2023

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