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Online Wedding Invitations. Let's Go Digital!

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Online Wedding Invitations

Digital Invitations have long been popular for casual get togethers and birthday parties, but in recent years they've also made their way into the wedding planning world. Paperless invitations are not only eco friendly but they're also far more affordable than traditional snail-mail (win, win!). Some still believe that online invitations are too informal, but these sites have some great options that will rival any fancy stationary!

This is one of the most widely used websites since it was one of the first to appear for digital invitations. They have hundreds of designs (most of which are free to use), offer event reminders, RSVP tracking and the ability to link to your registry. E-Vite is a great option for all the events leading up to your big day as well, with specific designs for your shower, bachelorette party, and more!

Wedding Invitations online

(Free- Basic Watercolor Buff)

Many reviewers of digital invitation options claim that Paperless Post is the best overall for online invitations. Their huge selection of beautiful designs include some free options, but their designer cards are worth the fees. No matter what, these will still be more affordable (usually between $50-$100) than traditional paper stationary! Another benefit of this site is that it also allows you to order a small number of paper invitations that match your digital ones so that you can keep one for yourself or send them to the more traditional folks in your family that would appreciate receiving their invitation in the mail rather than their inbox.

(Belle Boulevard by Kate Spade)

Every aspect of your online invite is completely customizable with Greenvelope, down to the digital envelope liner. Their elegant styles will impress your guests and the animated envelope opening will knock their socks off! They also offer a linked "details" page that shows information related to your big day without squishing it all onto the actual invitation design. Bonus: a portion of every sale is donated to the non-profit Mountains to Sound which maintains forests!

(Bold Botanical, Signature Greenvelope)

This website was created by Moms and claims to be one of the easiest to use while also paying attention to every detail (thanks, Mom!). Their designs (many of which are free) are classic and beautiful plus you can even upload your own photos! Their site also contains a "Party Ideas" section with articles for decoration inspiration, theme ideas and more! Wahoo!

(Peony Wedding)

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