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December Weddings in San Diego - Planning Your Winter Wedding

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Planning a winter wedding in San Diego and worried about how the temperature will affect your wedding plans? Well, this is something that can surely be sorted out! Record has it that there are around 266 sunny days in San Diego per year and if you plan it just right, you can bring some sunshine to your winter wedding in America’s finest city.

December Wedding San Diego Winter

Beach Wedding in December, La Jolla CA

Here are a few things you need to know if you are planning for an outdoor reception:

Set Expectations

Do your guests a favor and let them know early on the conditions whether it's through your wedding website, invitation, or word of mouth. You will want to provide as much information and solutions as possible especially if your wedding is outdoors.

planning a winter wedding in San Diego

San Diego Wedding Photographer : Willmus Weddings


Since evenings can get a bit chilly in Southern California, having heaters will make your wedding much more cozy and comfortable for your guests. Find out if your venue provides heaters of their own but don't sweat in case they don’t! There are many awesome local options to rent them out. From the snazzy Pyramid Heaters at Platinum Event Rentals to the standard Patio Heaters at Abbey Party Rents. OR go the extra mile by setting up fire pits throughout the space.

December Wedding San Diego

Make sure to keep the heat down around the dance floor to balance out the temperature in that area.

Create A Cozy Feel

With the sun setting and giving way to a colder night, why not try to use this to your advantage? Have candles to create that warm glow and light up the room. Set up lounge areas with cozy cushions and fuzzy textures around your fire pits to create that homey feel and warm ambiance. Provide a basket of small blankets for guests who get cold easily. The perfect souvenir from your wedding!

December Wedding San Diego

Fire Pits are a good option to keep your guests warm

Keep Guests In Mind

Try to set up heaters in places where you know guests will be waiting in line...the bar, appetizer station, buffet, while they patiently wait, they are not left outside in the cold.

Have your wedding favors celebrate the season.

  • Hot Chocolate Mug - put a smile on your guests faces by placing a small bag of hot cocoa mix and marshmallows in a mug.

  • Candles - have your guests think back to your big day by sparking up a winter scented candle at home

Plan your food & bar accordingly. Serve soup shooters during Cocktail Hour and tray pass mulled wine. Have a whiskey or bourbon tasting station, a sure hit for the fellas. Choose a hot dessert over cake...think warm churros with a caramel sauce or a s'mores station!

Chocolate fountain Wedding

Hot Chocolate fountain anyone?

Weddings no longer have to be about Summer or Spring anymore! Not only are winter weddings more romantic, planning a wedding during this season might help you cut costs on the venue. So don’t be afraid to plan and make sure to contact our San Diego Wedding Planners to help you prepare for your big day!

Be considerate when choosing dresses for your Bridesmaids and plan accordingly with the weather conditions. Short dresses should be avoided when it's cold out. Consider providing shawls or faux fur wraps as a way to keep warm and as a thank you present to your bride tribe.

Fur Coat Winter Wedding

Are you ready to plan your Winter Wedding? Contact Willmus Weddings

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