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When You Should Schedule Engagement Photos

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As you probably already know, you’ve been exposed to a whirlwind of activity that’ll lead up until the day you say “I do.” With all that’s going on, it’s easy to be caught up in a lot of thoughts and details once you start diving into the wedding planning process.

One of the areas that we hear a lot of confusion about is when a couple should have their engagement photos taken. We want to share with you all of the options that you have when it comes to when you should schedule your engagement photoshoot. After all, the choice should be as unique as you both are! If you’re looking to find the best time to schedule your engagement photos, here are some of the most popular options.

Engagement Photos Right Before Your Wedding

Does the thought of taking engagement pictures right before the day of your wedding cause you to clutch your pearls in horror? “Why would someone procrastinate that long?” you might be thinking. Admittedly, this option isn’t for most couples. Yet, if you’re a couple that’s eloping or doing a quick mini-mony, we want to remind you not to miss out on the opportunity to get some engagement photos before your big day.

We often have couples who quickly tied the knot tell us that they wish they had taken the time to get some photos before their wedding day. So, get creative, and make sure to capture those last-minute engagement snaps so you’ll always have that special picture for your custom photo frame in your bedroom.

Engagement Photos On The Day You Get Engaged

Now, for the complete opposite end of the spectrum, consider getting your engagement photos taken the day you get engaged. This option has a lot to be desired for many couples. First, it allows you to capture the sheer and utter bliss of your first few moments as an engaged couple. Second, it allows you to photograph the scene where he dropped to one knee, placing the engagement ring on your finger that he lovingly picked out from the best online jewelry store. In essence, you’ll immortalize that special moment through photography for all time.

The main negative to this plan? You will be able to choose outfits or get your hair and makeup done since...after all...this day was likely a surprise (for one of you)!

Coronado Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos Between Six To Eight Months Before The Wedding

This seems to be the sweet spot for many couples, as it allows a healthy amount of time to print your pictures on your “Save the Date” cards and send them in the mail. Engagement photos that take place this far out from the wedding date allow you to check off a host of items on your schedule maker: you can carefully choose your photographer, location, outfits, poses, and more.

What are the downsides? First, for some couples, this level of planning is simply unnecessary if they’re looking to plan a more simple affair that doesn’t require professional-level shots. Second, an engagement photoshoot can get very pricey extremely quickly depending on the photo package that you purchase. Some couples would prefer to get a quick smartphone photo and save that money for the honeymoon...and that’s ok too!

La Jolla Wedding Photography : Willmus Weddings

Engagement Photos Within Two Months Of The Wedding

If you’re looking to have a smaller, more intimate wedding (and let’s be honest, these days many couples are having to think this way thanks to postponed weddings because of COVID), having your engagement pictures taken a couple of months out from your wedding is sufficient. Although this amount of time won’t allow for prints to be mailed, it’s a perfect time frame for couples who are sending e-vites or who are making announcements via social media.

No matter what option you choose, make sure your decision reflects your personality. Don’t feel societal pressure to fit within anyone’s box. You have enough pressure as it is before the wedding day! Instead, follow your gut instincts, and you’ll have gorgeous, stress-free (or at least low-stress) pictures.

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